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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

The big link post

For those who care more about fiction published on paper: a quick link to all my posts about books!

For an explanation of fandom and our language, go here!

This post is for those who already speak fangirl: it has shiny links to my favorite fandom hangouts (bookmarks) and recommended stories (recs). Plus as a bonus: pictures of the happy couples to illustrate the squee:)

Buffy The Vampire Slayer (and Angel)
I was introduced to fanfiction by the BBC-messageboard on Buffy The Vampire Slayer; my first slash pairing was Angel/Spike. I love them even more when Buffy is in the mix. And the best part? It's totally canon. Thank you, Joss.
Buffy-recs & Buffy-bookmarks & Picture of Angel & Spike!

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
But it wasn't until after I discovered the CSI-fandom that I really got into fanfiction. I'm a big fan of Nick/Greg (my OTP), because of the subtext-chemistry in canon (I'm a believer!). I also enjoy Nick/Gil and Greg/Gil and even Nick/Gil/Greg (OT3!). Smart guys are such a turn on:) CSI-recs & CSI-bookmarks & Picture of Nick & Greg

Harry Potter
I used to think books didn't need an addition, since we can already read what the characters are thinking. But when I found Harry Potter fanfiction I learned there is a lot more to tell about Remus/Sirius.
Potter-recs & Potter-bookmarks & Picture of Remus & Sirius!

I love rule 34! After watching miniseries Hornblower I just knew there had to be fanfiction about Mr. Hornblower and Mr. Kennedy (with or without Capt. Pellew;).
Hornblower-recs & Hornblower-bookmarks & Picture of Horatio Hornblower & Archie Kennedy!

Most recently I crossed another line: RPS (real person slash). I had secretely read some CSI-RPS before, but always felt a little dirty. Not so much when I discovered CW-fanfic. I'm especially a fan of Jensen/Jared (J2).
J2-recs & J2-bookmarks & Picture of Jared & Jensen!

Random fandom
Occasionally I try other fandoms. Here are a couple I liked: (Links to recs)
  • Due South: Fraser/Ray Kowalski
  • Bad Wolf On Campus: Merton/Tommy
  • The Forsaken: Desert Vampires Nick/Sean (rare fandom for obscure vampire-movie with Kerr Smith and Brendan Fehr, who also star in RPS-fic;)
  • Doctor Who: Mickey/Jake
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